There are a lot of experiences and curve balls life throws at us that shape us one way or another. We grow we blossom and hopefully we never stop learning…

but at some point, if things keep going down hill our lives stay in a place that is less than what we expected…if the trials start to press and depress and chain you, turning your solutions into destructive actions where you loose grasp of your direction and ability…THEN…it MIGHT be TIME to WAKE UP!

This is about learning to lift yourself UP and not rehearsing misery…because what you rehearse…you commit to memory and then it is ingested into your psyche…so then one wonders why he is so miserable…no JOY…because it’s all covered…smothered with rehearsed thought, vocabulary and actions that dig the hole deeper.

I came to a place personally that I DECIDED to sing through my pain…use it to deliver myself out of despair into joy…precept upon precept…one step at a time.  Personally, I have found, I could not circumvent what was in the way of my happiness and “deliverance” from my demons..  Had to go through the tunnel ..trusting that through the fear I would see that light that led me Out!  I did..  Boy, was I surprised!!!  I met myself… NO..I REALLY met myself!!

If you haven’t entered the tunnel or you find yourself wanting to turn back.. Please don’t. You are not alone.  It’s a lie you bought if you think you are.  Find out who is with you..  ASK..from your Heart.. then Watch..  and see who walks in!!!  Loving you..  Im here..if you’d like to share.