I hope you all connect with my music and the words within the pages of my book, “Joy Zone … Or … where do you find your bliss”, as I truly believe there is something for everyone regardless of where you are in your Journey.

These songs and pages all deal with matters of the heart. As humans we seek Love, affirmation, and purpose, and singing these songs and writing the pages of this book have been my way of expressing what I have learned in my 71 year journey on this earth; they are the Truths, the Realizations, and the High Notes that I will continue to sing, and I hope you will join me in growing together. PLEASE..feel free to share…we must ALL learn from each other! …(only if we want too..of course!) Feel free to tell me what you think about what you have found out…Let’s uplift each other …even when it’s difficult..and learn to “bust out” from the oppression and pains by learning how to Sing ( express) Your High Note..!