There are a lot of experiences and curve balls life throws at us

But at some point…if things keep going down hill and our lives stay in a place that is less than what we want…if the trials start to oppress and chain you and you turn to destructive methods where Joy cannot live…THEN…it might be a time to…


This page is about & me...

…connecting, sharing our experiences, thoughts and whatever is needed…uplifting one another as we can…being able to be open with ourselves , then each other…connects us in healthy ways. We are all a “work” in progress… but without experiencing the Truth of who YOU are…you won’t be able to have relationships that reflect the Love you want to give and receive…we¬†all do very well paying “lip service” to concepts we’ve been programmed with.. but unless you come face to face with your own “insides”.. you are merely going through motions..thinking you’re safe!..OOPS!

EXPERIENCE “teaches” if we pay attention…

Music is one of the greatest expressions of human emotion and thought

I have found that I am able to express myself through song in ways that I cannot with just words. It “connects” me to “more.” I believe .. (know) that God has given each of us gifts. These gifts are to Give..First to ourselves and Then outward. Your Gifts will bring you closer to filling that “empty space that food cannot fill. Be True to that. My passion is singing and writing / journaling. I believe everyone has a Voice. Regardless of musical talent we all have something to Give in one way or another and it deserves to be expressed.

I invite each and every one of you to Sing Your own High Note

because it’s inside each and every one of us,

we just have to dig deep and find it.